Monday, May 31, 2010

beets and greens for lunch. a sandwich that makes your face glow with goodness

Hummus, spinach, cucumber, roasted chicken, honey mustard, sliced boiled beets & fresh dill. yum
beets and greens sandwich
beets and greens sandwich
beets and greens sandwich

1 giant breast of turkey plus veggies

Thanks giving in june...Marinated this giant turkey breast in olive oil, S&P, cumin, cayenne pepper, tandoori masala, and fresh thyme. Roasted it in the oven for about 1.5 hours. (it came out super juicy!!!) Accompanied by skewers of grilled zucchini, yellow pepper, sweet onion, and mushrooms.
turkey breast and veg

Thursday, May 27, 2010

chicken fajitas....why don't I make these more often?

BBQ'd three chicken breasts, sauteed some red pepper and onion, and shredded some cheese and lettuce.....EASY STUFF PEOPLE!!!!. I had enough material to eat fajitas for two days, What a great little meal that keeps super well overnight. fjajitablog

breakfast tart for dinner; chorizo/caramelized onions/mushrooms/spinach

Laid two sheets of puff pastry to cover a cookie tray. Spread caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms, poured in beaten egg&milk mixture, and topped with chopped spinach & chorizo (quickly pan fried to crisp). Of course seasoning and herbs were added along the way (S&P, fresh dill and parsley)

eat pretty gets a makeover;

It's time I start paying a little more attention not only to the visible aesthetics of food, but to this blog. The first facelift is BIGGER PHOTOS; squint no more and enjoy more details and textures. My second goal is to create a more uniform look and mood, so lets hope I choose one soon. I must admit that a little part of me is tempted to go back and delete all previous posts, but my rummbling belly seems to think otherwise. Perhaps I will keep the archive for now.... but cut them out when no ones looking. 4361707002_efa2fc62b0_b