Wednesday, November 18, 2009

super and mighty - NO FLU STEW

As soon as november hits i start making stews full of mighty flu fighting powers. Things like garlic, ginger, lemon, chillies, lentils, carrots, spinach and tomatoes are packed with super nutrients, so why not heat them all up together and enjoy daily. ... p.s. I've never had the flu

breakfast with.... mom

bite size crab cakes

mix in bowl: 1 egg, two cans of crabmeat, finely chopped veggies (i used spinach and red peppers and sautéed them a little to soften), Panko breadcrumbs, herbs (dill and parsley), mustard, mayo, lemon juice, S&P, and anything else you want to add. You want the batch to feel moist, but to stick together well. This time around I tried baking them instead of pan frying. (a little dryer, but much healthier!!!). enjoy

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I used to work in a british pub and was always curious about "liver and onions" and "bangers and mash". Since there was a "bag-o-liver-" that came stuffed inside our thanksgiving turkey, I decided to experiment a little. I sauteed onions (duh), garlic, and fresh parsley until tender, added in liver, salt & pepper and served it with toasty ciabatta, roasted red peppers and good ol' horseradish. My parents enjoyed the little thanksgiving appetizer very much. Me on the other hand, just checked for taste and watched them enjoy instead.