Thursday, August 20, 2009

roasted chickpeas, beats, and crumbled walnuts...

this was the nuttiest dish EVER!!!  When you roast chickpeas they turn into a peanut!!! This salad turned out crunchy, and full bodied.  Thank goodness for the fresh beats, herbs and added moisture from a lemon to brighten things up.  Also, in order to moisten things up and play with texture, I also added in some fresh chickpeas as well.  mmmmm

1. tossed chickpeas and already boiled beats in olive oil and roasted till crunchy
2. dressed in fresh herbs and lemon juice, plus a handful of crumbled walnuts and fresh chickpeas.

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  1. What a pretty salad! It looks so delicious! I'm making it this weekend! Lovely :)