Thursday, August 13, 2009

mini wanton cups...mmmmm...crunch!!

I've seen this little wanton cups EVERYWHERE.... so by no means did I come up with this concept. Regardless, I was delighted to discover how easy this task was, even though they look like beautifully crafted florets.  These little guys will definitely be served up as an appetizer at the next party I host. 

1. pre-bake wanton sheets in muffin tray for 10 minutes (I used a MINI muffin tray and I brushed it with olive oil first).
2. also....lightly brush the tops of wanton sheets to help brown the edges
3. bake for about 7-9 minutes @400.
4. When golden brown, stuff wanton cups with filling of your choice
(note: if using meat, make sure it's cooked at this point)
5. throw back into the oven for 5 minutes.

filling:  sauteed in olive oil: onions, chili, fresh ginger, fresh herbs, orange and red peppers, Chinese cabbage, spinach & arugula, 1 diced Roma tomato, sesame seeds, S&P. 

yum. crunch. serve with a mixed green salad, or as bite size appetizers.


  1. awesome idea! beautiful presentation!

  2. Reading your blog makes my mouth water! everything looks scrumptastic...

  3. Definetly bookmarking to make at my next dinner party. Adorable!

  4. I am making these this weekend, but when I tried them out, I found it hard to get the wontons to bake up with a flat bottom. Any tips or tricks? Also, they tasted pretty floury...was this your experience?

  5. i used a mini muffin tray and pressed each wonton right down. I also pre-baked them first and they didn't curl up at all. I brushed the muffin tin and wonton sheets with olive oil and i believe that removed the floury taste when cooking. also, make sure you cook them long enough to cook thoroughly... try longer at lower heat and then quickly broil them to get darker crispy edges. If you cook them too fast they will taste floury

  6. p.s. everyone: I'm learning as I go....and I'm constantly experimenting. Pardon me if I miss out on a few important details or steps.

  7. I just want to let you know I'm going to be all over these this weekend. I'm throwing my sister a bridal shower and since she's vegan I've been racking my brain to make sure I have enough fun-yummy-vegan friendly foods. This I know will be a hit. Thanks. :)