Tuesday, July 21, 2009

beets chickpeas zucchini fresh ricotta cheese and summer peas

A rainbow of colour and all the ingredients rhyme.  yummy!!!!  not sure how these ingredients came together, but they are a few of my favourite things.  I spent $2.60 at the grocery store on a can of chick peas, three little beets, a handful of sweet peas in their pods, and 1 zucchini) the garnish I had at home.  So simple and so fresh. more rainbow health bowls to come. 

1. boil beets until tender/yet still somewhat firm - chop into little cubes
2. blanch chickpeas and sweet summer peas
3. grill zucchini or broil in the oven
4. garnish with fresh herbs, lemon juice, chili, ginger, and a little crumble of fresh ricotta cheese
5. serve in a bright bowl of goodness, or on a perfectly white plate for added contrast
6. enjoy


  1. This really is a rainbow health bowl! Wonderful fresh ingredients here.

  2. thanks Zoe! Love your site and your photgraphy!