Thursday, June 4, 2009

berry yummy basil french toast

Sometimes you just have to make your breakfast glamorous! No matter what the occastion, it sets the tone for the day, and makes you feel like a princess. whether it's a weekday or you're dining alone, don't let any excuse prevent you from starting your day out this way. enjoy.

1. beat free range farm eggs with fresh basil, sea salt, and a dash of milk
2. dip whole grain toast into egg mixture and fry on both sides until golden
3. garnish with berries and icing sugar
4. serve with apricot juice and basil in a martini glass with ice.....*so refreshing by the way!!!
5. enjoy

toasted rye green and white!

1. warm roasted red peppers and fresh spinach in pan, toss in a few sesamee seeds
2. lay on one side of toasted rye bread
3. spread lemon parsley sourcream on opposite side (*juice of 1/2 lemon and fresh parsley)
4. close. cut. enjoy.