Thursday, May 7, 2009

crispy crunchy stuffed with yummy!

you can buy egg roll wrappers anywhere these days, so basically you simply have to design your stuffing and roll away! Once again, I was inspired by 101 Cookbooks and satisfied with the outcome. I chose a chicken, mushroom, onion, parsley and Indian spices filling, and brushed each little pocket with oil to give it an extra crunch while baking.
1. saute onions, mushrooms, chillies, and any other sauces or spices you would like.
2. add finely chopped cooked chicken breast, and stir
3. fill egg roll wraps (*rolling instructions are on the package)
4. place on a sheet with parchment, brush each pocket with oil and bake for approx 20 min on each side, or until crunchy and brown.
5. vegetarian options available of course: try diced tofu instead of chicken. Yum!

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  1. You have a beautiful food blog! I just subscribed and will be watching your foodie adventures.

    These are baked? I can't believe it, they look fried and so good. I refuse to deep fry food so I may give this a shot since they are a healthy version of egg rolls. Alright!