Tuesday, March 31, 2009

vegetarians, look away.... chicken bake ahead

I prefer to cook colourful vegetarian meals, however with a family tribe of carnivores, the chef needs to make exceptions. Today I stumbled across a can of artichokes and fresh spinach and immediately wanted to make a delicious dip in the food processor. However, I got distracted by the 2 pieces of chicken breasts beggin' to be baked. This simple on dish requires you to stuff chicken breasts between a bed of spinach, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, and red onions. Simply topped with olive oil, S&P and fresh parsley, the dish creates an incredible juice, leaving the entire meal great for topping rice or potatoes. (*I will get around to making that spinach artichoke dip soon, I promise)
1. drain/wash artichokes and spinach, wash cherry tomatoes, slice a few pieces of red onion
2. season chicken breasts with S&P (plus paprika for kick) and brown the outside in a pan
3. wedge that golden seared chicken between all your veggies
4. top with a splash of olive oil and fresh chopped parsley
5. bake for approx 30 -40 minutes, *depends on oven and size of chicken pieces.
6. enjoy.

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