Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lemon,parsley&parmesean - scalloped potatoes

this side dish was created to accompany the baked chicken but came with a twist from ordinary scalloped potatoes and au gratin, by using lemon and Parmesan instead of the typical processed garbage cheese. Thanks to the efficiency of a Mandolin, I was able to get 5 potatoes sliced paper thin within minutes.

1. thinly slice any kind of potato you have (feel free to mix, or add sweet potato)
2. shred old Cheddar and fresh Parmesan cheese
3. chop fresh Italian flat leaf parsley
4. layer potatoes and add cheese whenever you feel like it
5. fill the gaps with liquid (*2 cups milk, juice from 1 lemon, and chopped parsley)
6. top with a few crumbles of butter and bread crumbs to give a golden crispy top
7. bake at 400 so that the milk is boiling and softening the potatoes for about 30 min.

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