Thursday, March 19, 2009

fresh vegetarian spring rolls..yummy!

ta da!!! fresh, colourful and healthy rice paper spring rolls, great for dipping in sweet chili or peanut sauce. I thought I would take a different approach to this post, and instead of just posting one final product picture, I have included some step by step details.This is the *creation station: set your table to include all your cut fruits and veggies, a bowl full of cooled and drained vermicelli noodles, a damp cloth, and bowl of hot water to soak the rice paper in. (only takes about 1 minute in the water to soften)
lay mango, asparagus, red peppers and avocado down first. Then add vermicelli noodles and herbs (this was a mix of cilantro, lemon juice, chili flakes, and rice wine vinegar). Next, fold over the sides to keep all the goodies from falling out. Lastly, roll everything into a tight little package and set aside.
don't you just LOVE the colourful array of fresh fruits and veggies. here's a close up of the ingredients used. and below, is everything you need to make this dish. (cilantro, fresh ginger, avocado, mango, red pepper, vermicelli noodles, asparagus, lemon, and of course rice paper.)

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